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DunnierInternetMonitor is a comprehensive child monitoring app for parents and business owners to monitor all android smartphone activities from their children or employees smart devices. This parental control app notifies parents / business owners when specific keywords or phone numbers are detected. It also includes GPS tracking system as well as app lock and timers to customise individual devices. All these tools allow parents to control apps that their children download, stay aware of their location. This mobile monitoring app allows the parents / business owners to manage and limit the smart device usage.

Install instructions

Application Special Feature for Parental Control & Employee Monitoring:

1) Time set For Application lock:
Here user can set "Daily Limit", "Bed Time", "School Time" and "Lunch Time" for every device added by them. To set time limit for any device, user has to select device name from dropdown and enable option to view its detail.

  • Daily Limit Section:
This section shows listing about all application installed in his Child/Employee device. User can set Start and End time limit for every application separately.
  • Bed Time, School Time and Lunch Time:
These sections too shows listing about all application installed in his Child/Employee device. User can set Start and End time interval and this interval will remain same for all applications coming in listing.

Once the time limit is set then Child/Employee would not be able to use application in that time period and if he tries to use the application then Dunnier Splash screen will get displayed on the screen.

2) Phone Lock Section:
The user can lock any device they have added. A four digit pin code, set by the user, can unlock any device.

3) Set Internet usage limit:
In this section User can set MB in text box for particular child or employee when child or employee exceed this limit then user get notification.

4) Filter Data Section:
This section is used to Filter Records of any Child/Employee from a particular time period. User can get details about all features (New Installed Apps, Browser History, SMS History..... etc.) that application is providing for every device.

5) SMS Keywords Section:
The user can set SMS Keywords for Child/Employee added by him. Once the keywords are added then user will get notification and mail when any of the device user will send or receive SMS having keywords added by user in listing.
User can also delete the Keywords coming in Listing by clicking on delete icon.

6) Call Search Section:
This section is similar to SMS keywords section. The user can add flagged phone numbers for all devices. The user will receive a notification if a flagged phone number was called or received.

7) Add Device:
The users can add more devices to their account. If the user adds a new device within six months they would pay full price for added devices. After six months all new devices will be half price.
Maximum limit to access data of devices is till 8 and payment process is similar as mention above.

How to use application?

1) Open the downloaded application "Dunnier Internet Monitor" downloaded from play store.
2) A Splash Screen name "Dunnier Internet Monitor" will come for few seconds when user opens the application for the first time.
3) Now a login screen will come where user can enter his correct email address and password if he is already registered user to login the application. New users have to click on Signup button to make his registration.
4) Fill all the details of Signup form correctly and click on "Sign Up Now" button.
5) A Pricing Plan Screen will get displayed that gives detail information about Payment Subscription plan. Click on (+) icon if user wants to access data for more than three device.
6) Click on pay

The payment can be made by two methods.

a) By Paypal account
b) By Debit/Credit card details.
Once the payment is successful the user can use the application and access data of devices as per payment done by him.



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